Question: Supposedly some colours don’t go well with each other. When you paint, they all seem to go together. Do you ever feel that two colours don’t fit together?

Sri Chinmoy: In my case, even now I do not know which colours are friends and which colours are enemies. Even now I do not know, although I have done thousands and thousands of paintings. You may see that I use green and yellow quite often. It is not because they match but because intuitively I get a kind of joy in using them together — side by side or one overlapping another. It is not because the artist in me or my artist-heart has learned from somewhere that these two colours or any two colours can be put together. No. Only I feel that they have a peaceful harmony or that they complement one another’s beauty and inner wealth.

I enter into not the battlefield of life but a garden of light. With the human body we enter into the battlefield of life. But when we deal with delicate things, with subtle and beautiful things, at that time we enter into the garden of our hearts divine reality. There we see that everything has its own purpose-reality. Everything has a special purpose. Everything contributes something to the total integrity of the object, of the subject, of the mission, of the vision, of the supreme Truth. It is not because they mix together or because they are good friends, but because they are all members of the same inner family, spiritual family. So they automatically go together.

The mind is not used and the mind will never be used. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of mind that knows which colours should go together or things like that. God feels that if I don’t have this kind of discriminating mind, then it is a great blessing. If I had it, then I would have a problem of preferences and partialities. But I don’t have it.